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Monday, April 16, 2012

Black Americans Are Gonna Bring Down Obama In November,,The Only Real Raceists Are Demicrates

Obama will go down in history as the worst American  president history,From day 1 of his presidency,he has lied to the american people,stole there money,broke the country,and vacationed in far off extravagant lands on the backs of the middle and lower class americans.untill now most americans never paid any attention to what our politions were saying,but thanks to the non stop mouth of barak obama,he has finally woke up a part of america he wishes would go back to sleep.Yes black america has finally woke up and realised this man is just another 2 faced lier like most politicians.Only thing that sets obama apart from other crooked politicians,is he thinks black americans are to stuppid to no what hes saying,lol-well hello obama,your about to get a rude awakeing.your lies are exsposed,the vary people you promised to help,you screwed,the vary people you promised america you would throw out of washington,lobbyists,commies,rich businessmen,remember that obama,never will they be( in my white house ) #1 its not your white house,its the peoples house.your just squatting there.Remember saying that obama,well what happened,instead of running them off,you took there money and moved them in ,gave them jobs,how dum do you think black americans are,.we have eyes,we can see,Well thanks to the fast moveing aggressive moves you made,you woke us up.And as for the race war your trying to start,you might get what your asking for.youll never be re-elected again,in fact your heading straight to jail,do not pass go-do not collect bail,there wont be any.yes you still have a view free loading lazy ass americans supporting you,bit you no and i no youll never keep your job.We also no that your useing jackson,sharpton,and the pink panthers to race bait and start a race you can call (marshal law.)wont work,this is america home of the free,land of the brave.the last civil war was fought with muskets,not this time.sharpton-jackson-and your cabinet,are the only raceists out there.America stand up to these commies,this is your country ,not theres,over 60 politions in congress calling the shots,makeing the laws that affect your lives are commies,tied to the communist party.get them out of office,try them as spys,and take back america.this is our country,take it back.Watch this vidio

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