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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Obama is a master of minipulation,This community organiser stepped out of nowere into the white house with nothing but a ugly far left wife,2 addorable little girls,and a gift of gab,vary little political exspereance.absulutly no governing exspereance,and we all no his world policies are none.How in the name of god did this communist-socailite get to were he is today,how did this idiot ever get to be our president with no exspereance.Ill-tell ya.Hes nothing but a puppit,Hes under the control of people like george soros,-hell bent on the total distruction of our country,soros has been a enommie of america and his own jewish race,yes soros is a jew,dont get me wrong,i love the jewish people,there gods choosen ones,but soros betrayed the jews during hitlars rane.he didnt want to be burned alive or tortured-so he betrayed the jews,giveing them up to the germans to save his own ass.This is the type of animal who owns-and controls obama.then you have the pussie ass left wing demicrats,lead by polosie,and reid,and many retarted demicratic politions,who fallow behind reis and polosie licking there asses.The demicratic party has feel into the gates of hell.Dontget me wrong america,Im a demicrate,have been all my life,but my party lost touch with reality,lost touch with the constatution,lost touch with the american people,and forgot they work for us the american people.Never in my life have i ever betrayed my party,but then again never in my life has a party lost touch with who they are.Politions have turned into nothing but political scum-bags,who sold of there principles for power,money,and greed.Witch bring us to our problems we have today.                                                                                                                                                   The biggest problem we have isnt our politions,politions are like teenagers,kids,If you give um an inch they will take a mile.So if were gonna fix the problems we have in our country,we will have to stop and punish the kids who caused it.politions have run wild for years,un stopped ,un checked,never made to account for there miss behavior.well as hillery clinton once (wooping a child is wrong,)-then outof nowere this silly way to punish our children apeared,(( TIME OUT ))-well america its time to put our children in time out.were wasteing our time,blogging,bitching,yelling about what these dfs are doing,its not there fault,there like a child-untill you stop um,there gonna keep going,and keep going.WE THE PEOPLE -must and have to step up to the plate,and paddle these out of control 2012 we have a big dission to make.Theyve proven there incompent,theyve proven there unable to fallow the rules,fallow the constatution.theyve proven there unabuilty to bal the budgit.there unable to comprhend this,why.Becvause we the people spoiled them,theyve had a blank check book for to long.its time we take there unlimited exspence account away.and ground them.                                                       We made the mistake as americans of not fallowing our elected officails-and makeing them do the peoples work,its time we take charge.This blogg will be dedicated strickly to deafeting obama-and the out of control demicrats,andddddd a few republicans.its time we reinstate our laws lade out by our founding fathers,and jail ,any sumbitch who violated them.god bless america and god bless our founding fathers,for they new and seen this idiot comeing,and obama will be deafeted by these laws and help me god,welcome once again to my world.america.                                                                                                                                    

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