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Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama Has Used Americas # 1 Race Baiters,To Inject Race Into His Election,Jackson And Sharpton Will Do Anything For Money And Power,This Includes Turning On The Vary People They Claim There Helpping.

This is becoming outrageous! Once again our elected President has interjected himself into street level matters and together with this and the Harvard professor issue, he alone has set back the race issues in this country twenty years.By useing Americas #1 race baters,jessie jackson,and al sharpton,to push the race issue,Obama has become a disgrace to America and especially to the office of the Presidency. Does he not realize that his own racist attitude comes out every time he does this and pretty much in a lot of other things he does. There is no doubt in my mind who runs that family. I believe Obama is racist. No doubt in my mind. But his words come from his even more racist wife Michelle. They are both a disgrace. Think about all of the cities all over this country where young men like Treyvon Martin are killed on a daily basis. Does our President intervene in all of those? NO! If he did, that's all he would be doing and would have time for nothing else (except golf). This is not just a racist gesture on the part of Mr. Obama. It falls in line with his agenda of destroying our country. One of the main elements of tearing down a counry is to create hatred and dissent within. Look what is happening because of his interjecting himself into the Treyvon Martin killing. This one single story has taken precedence over all other newsworthy issues. He has become (or always was) another Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Nothing but a racist bigot and an inciter of mass crowds. Look at the black politicians jumping on the bandwagon. The same ones all the time. Our country is falling apart and our supposed leaders are involved themselves at the most minute levels of life in America. The voting public had better wake up and realize what they have done. If he is re-elected, America will fall for sure. That is Mr. Obama's agenda. He is winning. We always talk about the 86% who want to do the right thing vs. the 14% of dissenters and how the 14% always get their way. Now we have one man who, with the help of the liberal media, is turning the country and the world upside down. We are beyond ultra liberalism here. We are approaching the dictatorship level. Our President is a racist and a bigot and a Marxist. Our V.P. appears to have Alzheimers, and our Congress is full of idiots who have somehow injected themselves into the system with little or no credentials or leadership abilities. This is a sad, very sad and bleak time in American history.The sad thing is Americans have the power to stop him,and remove him,without a election,But the insist on doing nothing,congress does nothing,Its my hope that come nov america has awaken to the fact,America and her freedom,is on its last leg,and if they dont vote out this good ole boy network,remove any Democratic who supported this renegade raciest,and replace them with a new breed of constitution minded politicians,we will find ourself here in this position again.If were lucky enough to even have a election,i pray americans do the right thing.In my opinion the tes party is our best bet,do they have faults,hell yes,theres things they do that upset me.But there 100% for the constitutions and that cant be disputed,and thats exsacally what america needs if were to survive.Wake Ip America,your not gonna like the obama end game.

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