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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Was Ask Why I Hate Obama-Well Heres My Responce For All To See

1)-.Hes not a legal president hes a fraud.even the last birth certificate is a  fake                                                2)He hates oil-and coal companys-Thus hes attempting to force um out of busness,He said this openly on the campain trail.Because of his haterid of oil and coal-he shut down oil leases,thus forceing us to buy overseas oil-thus forceing oil up-Instead of drilling our own oil-bring prices down,he wouldrather depend on over seas oil.high gas prices mean higher decil fuel prices,thus forceing higher prices on products we buy in stores.thus causeing inflation.this oil policy of obamas is gonna distroy this nation.but you leftys dont understand that-because all you understand is-obama promised you free goverment money and health care-sorry i was raised to work for what i lets get 1 thing straight,-(I AM A DEMICRATE )But im a patriotic american 1st.The constatution  means more to me than a life.i will defend this constatution at any cost-and i will fuck up anybody,who trys to take my rights as a american away.                                                 3).obama is a muslum.stop kidding yourself-he admited he was a muslum but he switched to christainity.( BULL-SHIT )You dont switch religions just because u want to be president,1 more thing,( THE KORAN )States you can never leave the faith,once a muslum always a muslum,according to the koran,you will be killed if you try to convert.( BUT )The koran does tell you to kill all infadels,the koran tells you to go live amongst the infadels,become them,live with them,drink,screw whores,whatever it takes to gain there trust,then kill god dont allow if obama was a muslum,he still is,but you leftys are to stuppid to see this.                                                                                                                                                      4)-hes a flat-out lier,I dispise a lier-he campained on hope and change-But he worded is speechs carefully-knowing you leftys are as he put it-STUPPID.His words not mine.well the change he ment and the change you thought was gonna happen is 2 differnt things-you voted for him because he told you he would steal money from the wealthy and give it to you.(((welllll-get your money yet.))-what 250.00-   lol-the unions got billions,his faithful contributers got billions.weres the money he promised you.LISSION. THINK REAL HARD.if you take from the rich,what happens-they cant invest into the company,forceing them to lay off,cut busness,or leave the country.weres the goverment gonna get this money to give you lazy fucks on the left.if our busnesses leave.hows small busnesses gonna grow-if goverment takes there profits and gives to you lazy fucks.this is america-not russia-we will never allow our country to become a socailist nation.if thats what you want ,my left friend-move there-get to fuck out of my country-CAPITALISUM IS WHAT MADE US GREAT.                                                                                                                                              5)-We were a powerful nation,our military is the best-our enommies feared us.thats why nobodys ever had the balls to attact us.look now-obama went ona worldappoligy tour telling the world americas sorry,nadaa-you pussie leftest hommos might be,not me-not any patriotic american would be.millionsdied comeing to this country,defending this country,why would people do this.because being free is much better than being under a dictator-ship-socailisum,communisum,sucks-look around the world-thats what your president obama dreams of giveing you.not me.i like my country,i like the way it is,i faught for this country,my children fight now for this country.all i can say,you want to support this muslum you support him,after 2012 -elections you can go with him.youllfind him in jail-or in some middle eastern country,you wont find him on our streets after 2012.-

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