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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Demicratic Party Has Become Treasonist Ass Kissers/ Left Wing Media Sold Americans Out. Can(( We The People )) Re-take America In Time.Or Do We Stick Our Heads Up His Ass.

America what happened to you.wheres the proud free American patriots I grew up with,Weres the law,weres the republican party,Is anybody gonna get out there and do the politically correct thing and impeach this guy,Or.Have you all gave up on this country,Has the free way of life Obama promised you allowing you to betray your can Americans just sit back and let Obama and his Muslim friends take away your freedom,((wake up))-Obama is the devil-defeat him,
After the law he sighed new years eve,while you were out celebrating the new year was the final piece he needed-America -we lost everything that night.And you still just sit there.The demicrares have there heads so far up Obama ass,thet dont even relise.what they've done.If you dont get out there now-and flood Washington,city hall,all government buildings demand Obama resignation. I promise you this is your last year,2012 is it.We are at our weakest time ever in history.If were to be beat-over thrown-the time is now-our enommies no this,this is the 1st time America has been weak.its comeing ,The problem is demicrates heads are so far up obamas ass ,the media,has bowed to him,,America we must act now.we cant wait till November.facebooking,isnt working.We must Unite as 1 and remove this cancer from our goverment,at least nutter him till we can pick a congress of the people for the people.America pull your heads out of obamas ass,go get cleaned up,and join us.And dont come around us smelling like shit,we will smell you out.

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