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Friday, January 6, 2012


America what happened to you.weres the proud free american patriots i grew up with,Weres the law,weres the republican party,does the mob have them all.Is anybody gonna get out there flood washington with a sea of pidded of patriots demanding he step down.Have you all gave up on this country,Has the free way of life obama promised you allowing you to betray your can americans just sit back and let obama and his muslim friends take away your freedom,wake up-Obama is the devil-defeat him,after the law he sighned new years eve,while you were out celebrating the new year was the final piece he needed-America is his-we lost everything that night.and you still just sit there.If you dont get out there now-and flood washington,city hall,all goverment buildings demand obamas resignation. i promise you this is your last year,2012 is it.soon nukes will distroy all american cities,and military bases,theres a reason chinas military is on red alert,theres a reason why russia has repositioned its nukes and delivery systems,We are at our weakist time ever in history.If were to be beat-over thrown-the time is now-our enommies no this,this is the 1st time america has been weak.there comeing ,there comeing,look up america-soon the missals will come.we must remove obama now-not in feb or march now.we need time to build up our defences,bring troops home,our military was ask a few months ago-can they and will they shoot americans if orderd-my god why would our military be ask that.think.the ones who said no-they would refuse,have eather been discharged or shipped to the middle east.those agreeing were keept state side.i no this to be true,1st hand,thats all i say.wake up plzzzzz-hit the streets -get him out now,if you refuse,prepare to be killed or kill-america has been fundamentaly changed.

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