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Monday, December 19, 2011

Americas Down-Fall-Will Be Caused By Those Americans Who Go-along With The Billion Dollar - Neg Add Campain Obamas About To Launch.,,only 1 Canadate Out there Capable Of Withstanding The Hell Coming his Way KNEWT-CAN WIN THIS-AND HERES WHY.

You think past elections were brutal,you aint seen nothing yet.This failed president,and his failed democratic army of scum-bags-has nothing to run on.everything theyve done has failed,the blameing bush fiasco -dont work anymore,health care is about to be struck down,obamas att general is about to go to jail,unless he cooperates with congress.billions of dollars-missing,thrown away,lost.Americas economee in the tank,and congress is about to give them 2 trillion more tax payer dollars.The demicrates hasnt passed a balanced budgit in 4 years,4 years.can you believe it.It almost sounds like this brakeing of america was planned from the start.while americans sleept,politions rapped our country.and not just desecrates,both sides of the isle is guilty.And were is americans,sitting on there asses,lissioning believeing the rederic and garbage comeing from there mouths.Can-We fix it,ya.-will it be hard,?ya it will now,we allowed these thugs,to rape us,abuse us,distroy our lives.And it looks like ,americans will again let them get away with it.What happened to the will the people,to stand up-and say enoughhhhhhh.were are those americans,the 2012 election will prove to be the make it or brake it election.the most importent election in our history.the out come is simple-obama wins-america falls-we cant take 4 more yrs of obama- lord nows that,But-will Americans wake up in time.obama nows he cant win-if this nation is united-so he has sucessfully divided us.but it goes farther,the republican party has successfully divided the republican party.7 candidates,all can beat obama ,easly,if we were united,butttttt theres a problem.the republican canadates are so busy beating each other up-they seem to of forgot about obama.we have another problem,we can see what inexperience does,we got that with obama-proff-ya cant hire a untrained polition to lead this country,so  that eliminates 2 canadates straight up- backman/sanatorium.both ex politions-and constitutionalists,both deserve possessions in the next administration,we have a west coast governor-who use to be chinese embassiter for us.way to laxed/layed back/and to sympathetic to china,that eliminates 3 we get to the 4 politions who are qualified to lead.1 ron paul  we can say hes a true american,a constitutionalists,nows thew fed-has wanderful ideas,-the perfect candidate-until you get to his stats on the military-and his over seas policys.then he shoots himself in his own foot.he will never become president as long as he holds them fews.and as for his followers,there in a claSS  all there own,no common ground with them,its ron paul, or nobody.ron paul has programmed the kids who fallow him to only vote for him,or not to vote-witch will promise obama a 2012 victory.they would rather distroy america that vote for anybody else.((  the ron paul organisation is powerful enough to dictate the next president ))but if he only has 20% of young and middle age voters,it wont be enough to win,but will be enough votes to guarantee obama a victory,by not if obama wins in 2012-look at ron paul.he will be the reason.personally i like rick perry,but i dont feel hes  the 1 who can unite america after this 2012 campaine year,this year obama and the dems will launch a horrable battery of attacts against our front runner,and the common demicratic voter will fall for it.demicrates have been programmed to not work,depend on goverment hand outs.and believe in the lies and bull-shit the left wing media spues out over the airway as the,nbc,cbs,msnbc-have already sided with obama,has already been pd off,its gonna get bad.the left wing media needs to be jailed for treason right along with obama,if right now americans went after the left wing media we could stop a loy of this nasty shit about to be spilled out there.but we no that wont we need a canadate that can stand up to them-get in there faces,and give it back,whos left out there with the media exsperence to take um on,THERES ONLY 1 LEFT-KNEWT.Yes hes old school,yes he played with some bad people,yes as a business man he excepted money from fannie mae.but-he did the same thing any other polition did.besides he was in the working secter,he had a teal job,makeing good money,jesus america-thats the american way,the american dream.but all aside-the left and the right both fear him,-why-think-he nows there ways,he nows there tatics,and they now it,there scared to death-he will power pinch them into doing things the american way.not the politucally correct way.he will and can fix america-i pray america sees this-if they dont-we loose.

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