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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama speeks For Radical Islam,-Not The American People-America-You Have A few Weeks Of Freedom Left-((USE IT WISELY))-iF THIS ARTICAL DONT WAKE YOU UP--You dont deserve to call yourself americans

America obama has finally-over stepped his bounderys-Hes gone to dam far.Stabbing Isreal in the back is just as bad as stabbing us in the back.I cant take this guy anymore,-America we must rise up-now-we can not wait till 2012,At the rate this ass-holes going-we will be over-thrown by summers end.America were finished,we loose-ive been telling you-and yelling for a year now.This man is a radical terrist.Hes openly distroying our beloved country.Hes evil,we must force him to step down,we must organise,we must unite,we must fight,if need be-but between now and july-we must find a way to unite.Our biggest enommie right now isnt obama-its us,((we  the  people  ))were so divided-we cant even agree that obamas a lieing bastard.Its so clear what hes doing,It scares me.While he distroys our country,We figure by blogging his ass were winning-sorry.Todays speech didnt piss me off-it scared me to death.To stand there like hes the king of the fuckin world-and tell isreal-he wants them to give up there land and give it to the people trying to snuff them out.are you kidding me,who ta hell does this self appointed god think he is.Isreal is gods choosen people,-theyve been our friends and allies for years,.he said he speeks for america-well sorry-that bitch works for us-and he didnt ask us how we feel about this-again hes acting out on his own accord-only difference-we aint takeing it anymore.plzzzzzz america-plzzzz-unite ,organise fast-hit the streets,do what ever you can ,for now were still protected by the constatution,rise up against this goverment now-if you dont,you dont disserve to even call yourself  (a patriotic american,))you dont deserve that joy-if you dont stand up like a proud american and raise some good old faction hell.America,plz you call yourself free americans-you all callyourself real patriots set on there asses and complain and whine-or do real patriots get out there and defend there constatution and there country.July 4th-on our birthday-on the day we celibrate our indapendence-obama invited 3-million muslum terrist to rallie at the white you think about it patriots-3 million muzys at our capital on our birthday,why would obama do that-on that day.could it be-(thats d-day)think,think,-think-you got a few weeks left -to save our country-use it well america-((god help us ))

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